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          You can share your contact information with the adoptive parents of your Russian child's siblings. Please contact us.

Welcome!  My name is Mary an adoptive parent.  I have adopted a daughter from Russia. I recently made contact with her Russian birthmother and Russian family members. Through my search I have made many contacts.  I would now like to help others who are considering searching for their own Russian birthmother, Russian siblings or even orphanage friends.

[ Reporter(Minusinsk Paper), Henri, Alexandra(teacher), Tatianna (front), Our Lena (Commonwealth), Natalia(director), Clerk ]

Throughout the years I had always wondered about my child's Russian birthmother.  I was told she had returned to the Russian orphanage after the adoption to make an inquire.  This happened a few years after the adoption.  My search started by way of the internet.  I was scanning  for pictures of her Russian town and up pops a photo of a girl who looked like my child! I could not believe it! That was just the beginning of my little adventure.  Our family has traveled back to Russian twice now and we have made many friends along the way.  Visit reunion stories to read the details.

Please read my story and send me an e-mail.  I can offer you my contacts in Russia.  They are available to send translated letters, make phone calls, visit families and Russian orphanages.  You will find them honest, trustworthy and an asset to any American family. They are a much "softer" alternative to a Russian detective agency. They are skilled journalists who interview with compassion and confidentiality.

Reference-Sibling-Search: Mary has gone above and beyond in helping me locate my son's biological sister. She is a wonderful source of inspiration and resources!!! Her family's story is amazing and continues to encourage me to do more for my children's birth families. If it wasn't for the birth ladies, our children would never been born.
Please check out Mary's website. It is full of WONDERFUL stories and photos:
Thanks again for EVERYTHING Mary!!!! I am so proud to say I know you!!! Jen

Search Info: My help is free. I am not an agency, an attorney or a Russian private investigator. I am an adoptive parent who wishes to help others in their search for family members.

Please note: By law, birth parents and adoptee may search for each other after the adoptee reaches the age of 18. If an adoptee is under the age of 18, adoptive parent may request a search for birth parents.


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